Do you play music for your customers? When you play music, radio or television in public at your business premises, you have to pay a music fee to SAMI. Sign our agreement and play all the music you want. If you can’t find a music agreement suitable for your type of business, please contact us.


This is how it works

Enjoy the music

Music is strongly linked to our emotions and affects our behaviors, so make sure you offer your customers the best music possible! It’s an investment that leads to measurable results in terms of increased sales as well as more satisfied employees. The right music can help your customers give that little extra during a workout or calm down in a stressful environment. It makes employees feel better, work harder and be more efficient. In the same way, music affects your customers’ pace through a store and controls their consumption patterns.

Is it expensive?

Our music fees vary for different types of businesses. They are designed to reflect what impact the music has on sales and how much value the music adds to the specific type of business. Most of our music fees have been negotiated with interbranch organisations. Your music fee can be based on the size of your premises, opening hours or number of visitors, all depending on your kind of business. Use our calculation tool (only available in Swedish) or take a look at our most common tariffs below to calculate the music fee for your business.

Why do I have to pay?

Music makes the world more pleasurable and behind it is the work of the performers. You have the right to play music at your business premises, but you are obligated to compensate the performers for it. According to Articles 45-47 of the Swedish Copyright Act (URL), artists and musicians are entitled to compensation when their music is used in public and a music fee shall be paid when making sound recordings available. This means that everyone who plays music for their customers, guests or more than 40 employees must pay our music fee. We collect and distribute this remuneration to all the performers who make our public places more enjoyable to visit.

Report your music use

Some businesses (like hotels and night clubs for example) need to report their music use once or twice a year, or after an event. The report is the foundation of your invoice and is required for your music fee to be correct. You will know it is time to report your music use when you receive an email or a letter from us. You easily leave your report online, following the link in your email, or fill out the attached form if you received a letter. You can also leave your report if you log in to My SAMI (only available in Swedish). No report or a late report will result in an invoice based on estimated information, as well as an administrative fee of SEK 500 (excluding VAT)

Music tariffs & agreements  


I already have a license with STIM

Since SAMI and STIM represent different rights holders, you must pay copyright compensation to both organisations when you play music in your business. SAMI represents the artists and musicians who perform on the music. STIM represents the authors who write the lyrics and the music. Even if SAMI and STIM were a joint organisation, the cost would be the same, since they are two different groups who are both entitled to compensation separately.

Where does the money go?

SAMI is a non-profit-making organisation. The money you pay to play music in your business goes to the artists and musicians who performed on the songs, and a small part to cover our administration. For many artists and musicians, copyright compensation is a very important part of their income that enables them to make a living from their work. When foreign music is played in Sweden, we send the money on to the participants via similar organisations abroad. In the same way, the compensation is sent to us when Swedish music is played abroad, and we pay the money to our artists and musicians. SAMI collaborates with Ifpi Sweden, which represents the music companies. This means that all the money we collect for public performances is divided equally between us. In the same way, SAMI receives half of the money that Ifpi collects from radio and television.

How do I terminate my music agreement?

Send an email to or call our customer service: +46 (0)8 453 34 10. The termination applies from the date of arrival, unless otherwise agreed. Please have your customer number or organisation number at hand for smoother service. We always want to know why you are terminating the agreement, for example if you are going to close down your business, if you have sold it, or if you just turned the music off. When it comes to a change of ownership, we also want to know who will take over the business.

Can I play Spotify if I have a music agreement?

Yes, if you have a music agreement with us, you can play from any music source you want. But you need to have the right Spotify subscription, since the standard Spotify Premium subscription is only for private use according to the user agreement. To be able to stream music from Spotify in your business, you need a subscription for commercial use. Learn more on Soundtrack Your Brand


Can I sign a music agreement for a shorter period?

Yes, you only pay music fee when you play music. If you only offer music for a limited period of time, you can sign a music agreement with SAMI for only that part of the year. For example, you might want to play Christmas music. Then you can sign an agreement that only applies to December. Just enter the period for which you want the agreement to apply, for example 1-31 December. 

How do I sign a music agreement?

To sign a music agreement, you just need to fill out our form. Start by choosing your business area and then answer some questions about your business and how you use music. We have limited information and different music agreements in English online, if you can’t find a music agreement suitable for your type of business, please contact our customer service.

How do I announce changes to the music agreement?

If you want to announce a change of address or change of music parameters, just send us an email at or call us at +46 (0)8 453 34 80. Changes apply from the date of arrival or the day you contact us. Please enter your customer number or organisation number when you contact us.

If it concerns the transfer of business or if you want to terminate the agreement, please send your email to or call +46 (0)8 453 34 10.

What happens if I don’t report my music use?

Your music report is needed to calculate your music fee. The information is the basis for your invoice and is needed for your music fee to be correct.

Anyone who fails to submit their report, or submits it after the deadline for responding, will receive an invoice based on estimated information, as well as an administrative fee of SEK 500 (excluding VAT).

We need your report even if you have not used music during the period. Just indicate on the form that you have not used music.

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