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  • What does limiting SAMI’s mission entail?

When you join SAMI, we automatically collect your compensation from all areas and all countries with which we have agreements. If you want another collecting society to handle part of the fundraising, you have the right to limit our assignment by opting out of certain fundraising areas or countries.

• Collection areas

There is only one specific area that you can opt out of our assignment: your exclusive rights for on demand and copying. At the present, no money is collected for this area, as there is no support for it in Swedish legislation. But we are working to change that – and your chances of receiving remuneration for this type of music use are greater if the assignment remains with us. In some countries (e.g. Spain), artists and musicians are already entitled to compensation for on-demand services (such as Spotify, Apple Music). As a SAMI member you receive this compensation via SAMI’s exchange agreement.

• Countries

You can also limit in which countries we collect your compensation. If you do this, you must make sure that you are affiliated with a collecting society in that country and have direct contact with them. However, SAMI is one of the collecting societies that has the most exchange agreements in the world. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that they are actually complied with and generate money for our affiliates. All foreign compensation is also paid directly to you without us making any administrative deductions.